Our Photos

Our Photos

Meet our pets, clients, and patients!


Our Photo Gallery!

This photo gallery contains pictures of our clinic and staff as well as photos from our clients. If you would like us to showcase a picture of your pets, please e-mail us a JPEG photo. We will rotate new photos in periodically for viewing.


Devi and Dr. Morrow

This is Devi, a Tibetan Mastiff and Dr. Morrow. Devi is 10 weeks old in this picture. 



"My name is Maddie and I would like to be in your photo gallery. My Mom thinks I am pretty cute."


Submitted to Aumsville Animal Clinic on April 4, 2013.



Kobe, our 8 year old feline friend, has found a better place to wait than on the exam table


Dr. Stoermer and Bella

Dr Stoermer examining a patient in one of our exam rooms.


Perfect Pose

Cathy's dog Harry poses for the camera.


Fun at the Oregon Coast!

Some of our patients enjoying a swim at the Oregon Coast. The sunshine was NOT photo edited by the way!


You Lookin' At Me?

Can anyone guess what happens next? Our technician Jana's cat and horse share a moment.

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